Review: Two more wonderful Potamitis books!

I’m not exactly sure what the current etiquette is regarding posts of this nature, but it seems like a lot of people are prefacing them with hashtag ad. I don’t think this completely counts as an ad though. Potamitis Publishing put out a call for people willing to review their books a bit ago and I said I would love to do it. It’s right up my alley of being a former journalist with wonderful Orthodox children’s books as the subject. They sent me this book and the one I previously reviewed, but they did not pay me to write.

So, we received their coloring/activity book My Synaxarion – August (number 8 ) while we were on vacation and it kind of got buried under a pile of mail that I only just now got to. Oops! I love all the illustrations in the book for kids to color! I have made line drawing coloring pages of various saints from Potamitis books that we already owned in the past by using a light box and tracing paper. One of my secrets of homeschooling read aloud success, which I apply to catechism too, is giving them something to do with their hands while I read the story or information to them. It is usually compiled of a coloring page or hands on activity and copy work (for feast days I use the Troparion of the feast). With these books, there are so many great feasts and saints already done for me, no need for me to take extra time to trace. I think I will probably getting some more of these from them now that I have seen how many saints/feasts there are in each one to make life a little easier on myself!

I also wanted to just take a moment to show off and review another highly anticipated Potamitis book that was released this year that they did NOT send me to review, My Holy Queens and Princesses. We’ve had a copy of My Warrior Saints for years and this was meant as a follow up of that for girls. So when I saw they were coming out with this one, I knew I would be ordering a copy. The book is absolutely gorgeous and just as full and wonderful as My Warrior Saints. I especially love all the ornamentation which I’ve always appreciated about My Warrior Saints too. In this book, it definitely has a feminine flair to it with more floral motifs.

I can tell both of these resources are going to be well loved in our home!

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