Peg Dolls for my own kids

Every few months I sell a set of my multicultural priest peg dolls in all the liturgical colors and I mean to make some for my kids. I also mean to try out a few other ideas I’ve had floating around in my head. I usually just wind up getting the order done and then putting it all away though. My shop is on vacation right now because I needed an end of summer/beginning of school year reprieve, but as I was filling my last few orders I noticed Etsy had made more policy changes and so I am now also reevaluating whether I want to continue with them or not. Anyway today I finally made my kids their own peg dolls! When I was nearly finished with the priests my daughter begged for a Lucia doll because, “There are no girls! Harrumph!” She even sketched out her idea for it. I had been wanting to make one of those anyway and next thing I knew I was having a go at all my other ideas that have been on hold: Archangels Micheal and Gabriel, an Abbess, and a monk/priest in just a cassock instead of the full vestments.


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